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  2210 SE 28th Place; Ocala 34471 
  3 Bedroom 2 Bath 

Shores rental home  
  482 Water Court; Ocala, 34772 
2 bedroom, 2 bath  
  Silver Springs Shores,
  Marion County  

Ocala rental  
  1334 SE 33rd Terrace; Ocala 34471 
  3 Bedroom 2 Bath  

Pool home

  556 Silver Course Circle, Ocala 34772
  4 bedroom; 3.5 bath  
  Pool Home   

Vanguard High School rental house
  2715 NE 2nd Ave, Ocala 34470
  3 bedroom; 2 bath  
  By Vanguard High School  
Marion County lease
  854 NE 10th Avenue; Ocala  34770
3 bedroom, 1 bath  

  Marion County  

  4841 NE 10th St, Ocala 34470

  3 br; 2 bath, pool 
   No application fee.  
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